My Results from Anthony Tilley’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Anthony Tilley for 250 clicks at $95 or $0.38 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

Anthony promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

Anthony sent 278 clicks (28 extra) and I got 91 new subscribers for a optin rate of 33% or a cost per subscriber of $1.04

Go here to buy a solo ad from Anthony Tilley

Have you bought a solo ad from Anthony before? Let us know how it went, post your comments below.

2 thoughts on “My Results from Anthony Tilley’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hey Reed,

    Here are my stats from a recent solo from Anthony’s list:

    Anthony Tilley (125 Clicks Package Paid: $60)
    Clicks To Date: 134 (thank you for the 9 extra clicks!)
    Free Offer Promoted:
    Clicks To Landing Page Conversion: 14.4%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List: 18
    Optins Not Confirmed: -4
    Double Opt-Ins Added To List: +14
    Unsubscribed To Date: -2
    Active Subscribers To Date: +12
    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $3.33 <~ I try to stay under $1.00
    Cost Per Double Opt-In: $4.29
    Anthony was great to work with and was actually able to get my solo out on the same day as my order so that was really nice verus having to wait. Overall my experience with Anthony was good. The cost per lead was twice as much as I'm used to paying.

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