My Results with Sean Storey’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Sean Storey for 250 clicks at $99 or $0.40 a click

Here’s my receipt:


Sean promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I got 269 (19 more than expected) clicks from Sean and 59 optins for a conversion rate of just 22% which means I paid $1.68 per subscriber. Perhaps Sean’s list isn’t very interested in WordPress plugins.

Buy a solo ad from Sean Storey here

Have you bought a solo from Sean Storey? Let us know how it turned out for you. Post your comment below.

8 thoughts on “My Results with Sean Storey’s Solo Ads”

  1. Have to say that my last solo from Sean got a 21% optin rate. With a squeeze page that usually gets 40%-50% with the swipe I use.

    Also my OTO conversion rate on the people who did optin was very low.

    I didn’t see the email that was sent out so can’t say this happened in this case, but I have noticed some providers not sending “solos” as such anymore – some of them send out generic swipes that are designed to entice high click through rates, which has a negative impact on the response of the ad.

    My thinking is that if the swipe tells people what they’re getting, if they’re not interested, there’s no reason why they’d click. Otherwise why would close to 80% of people who clicked a link to get a free ‘widget’, not optin to get it?

    Again, I stress that I’m not saying in any way that’s what’s happening here, but it is a worrying trend I’ve noticed with some providers, and is something solo buyers should be aware of.

    That’s why I think it’s great you’re posting reviews of the providers you list on your directory – not all clicks are equal quality.

    1. @Rich thank you so much for sharing your results. What did you have Sean promote?

      I haven’t noticed that Sean is sending the blind copy but that is a disturbing trend. We will be able to clean that up a bit though by voting with our wallets when we notice someone is doing that. Solo sellers need to realize we would gladly take conversions over clicks any day!

      (edited put wrong name in)

  2. Hey Reed,

    The offer I’ve been using is for a collection of products with resale rights which seems to have a pretty broad appeal for any kind of IM list.

    With regards to the blind copy, some people do say on their page that they will write their own swipe for ads, and it’ll cost more to have a true solo i.e. your ad sent out as you want it. (Though it may say this somewhere in small print)

    Sometimes this isn’t a big deal with an offer that has broad appeal – as a good freebie will still get people opting in. But if it’s something more specific or a bit more ‘niche’, you obviously want to have your swipe being sent to prequalify those clicks.

    And you’re right … I’d happily pay more per click if I was getting targeted traffic that converted at my normal optin rates, rather than cheaper clicks that are less targeted.

    With the less targeted traffic, it doesn’t matter if you get a lot of clicks, if it’s costing you more overall per lead.

  3. Bought a Solo Ad from Sean in 2012, as well as recommended a partner of mine also buy a Solo Ad from him in 2012. He did over deliver on the amount of clicks and I got a fair amount of subscribers, but not one conversion. Same goes for my partner’s campaign. And we’ve both been in the game for quite a while and are considered great email marketers.

    I was promoting a particular business opportunity that Sean said his list would be very responsive to. I understand if a specific opportunity or product gets very saturated, it’s possible to get very few or even zero conversions from almost anyone’s list on the front end.

    But here’s what was strange. I segmented and created a new list in Aweber just for this specific solo ad, which brought me around 72 subscribers. About 5 of the subscribers entered their information on our join page but stopped at the payment page. Then about 40% of them unsubscribe literally after a few days and no response (not even an opened email) from the remainder of them.

    About a Month later is when my partner with the same opportunity does her solo ad. She gets 84 new subscribers from this solo. We compared subscribers and lot of them were some of the same subscribers I got. And she got 4 people complete the join page but never paid. Then poof, most unsubscribed and never again opened another email.

    This is just our experience, never again will I use him or recommend him to anyone.

  4. I’m new to this and would like to know to get leads, subscribers anything and everyone to start making good money. I haven’t made anything yet. what is the best way to do so.

  5. I bought clicks from Sean, I must say very disappointed. The website I use does converted very well, but I had to contact Sean to see if he had actually sent them! Shame.

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