My Results from Kevin Fahey’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Kevin Fahey for 250 clicks at $100 or $0.40 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

Kevin promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

Kevin sent 292 clicks (42 extra) and I got 90 optins for a 31% conversion rate or a cost per subscriber of $1.11

Go here to buy a solo ad from Kevin Fahey

Have you bought a solo from Kevin before? Post your comments below.

One thought on “My Results from Kevin Fahey’s Solo Ads”

  1. I bought from Kevin. I got way more clicks than I ordered and a 25% optin. This was single-optin though and I normally get higher than that percentage on it.

    You have to subscribe to his PLR downloads list to get your solo ad sent. It is this PLR downloads list that he is mailing to. This is therefore a bit like a more targetted safelist. I found myself getting a couple of mails a day from Kevin and they were basically other people’s solo ads. I got no sales at all.

    Nothing wrong with that, but it is not quite what I had in mind. I didn’t really want to be marketing to other solo ad buyers almost exclusively, which is what I think was happening. I may be wrong, but it seemed that way.

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