8 thoughts on “My Results From Gedas’ Solo Ads”

  1. I bought 200 clicks from Gedas and I had a 23% conversion rate from click to lead. Gedas also gave me 40+ extra clicks for free. If you want traffic, Gedas will get you it.

  2. I just found you through a link on WF and i’d like to say welldone on spotting a great niche.
    My question is this, from the post and comment here it looks like you used traffic from Gedas to build up a list.I am looking to make some money using clickbank/paydotcom pages and I need to know, can this seller provide the same ROI on sales pages rather than sign-ups?
    thanks in advance for your help

  3. I just wanted to add my experience with Gedas.

    Purchased 200 Click Package.

    1. Quick to respond to emails.

    2. Received 224 Clicks (24 click over-delivery)

    3. Get 98 opt-ins!

    So I’d say these are some great results! No sales, but that wasn’t my main objective. My main focus was building my list.

    Thanks Gedas!

  4. I bought a solo ad from Gedas that promoted a free sales funnel. I received 117 unique clicks and got around 40 opt ins. This produced 1 trial sale. I must say that Gedas communicates very well and even followed up to see how the ad performed. I would recommend him.

  5. O bought from Gedas and I ve to say first of all he is a very nice person , really he will help you to get the best from his list . I got 340 clicks and 130 opt ins and 3 sales . I will buy again for sure.

  6. Unfortunately never received my clicks I bought from Gedas. He originally scheduled me for a specific date when I never received it he said he was going to send it the next day …..still never received it. Every time I email him about it he gives me great customer service BUT at the end of the day I never received what I paid for so I feel scammed and will not come back to him for more business. What a shame I heard so much great testimonials about him but at the end of the day this has been my only bad experience when ordering solos .


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