13 thoughts on “My Results From Dr. Bruce Rae’s Solo Ads”

    1. Thank you Igor! I was taught by the Master. You always “gave” quality Solos something that I try to emulate – Quality clicks from my OWN list. I remember clearly once asking you if you had forgotten to turn off the funnel!!
      Dr Bruce

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  2. When I first contacted Dr. Bruce about a solo ad, I was a total newbie. I had so many questions! He patiently answered each one–not only about his services, which one would expect, but about internet marketing in general. His responses were concise and clear–especially to this newbie. Dr. Bruce has proven himself a knowledgeable and an honorable person–the latter becoming rarer and rarer in my internet experience.

    Dr. Bruce has helped me move from a newbie to a toddler. My only regret is that I can’t work exclusively with him.

  3. Hello Dr Bruce I want to buy a solo ad from you and I am promoting online business opportunity…
    Let me know How I can start? Thanks

  4. Could you give me a correct email address from Dr. Bruce Rae / Solos
    Thank you

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