My Results From Bill Barrett’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Bill Barrett for $65 for 100 clicks or $0.65 per click.

He promoted a new site of mine called Free Internet Marketing Secrets


This site hasn’t been extensively tested as I just started driving traffic to it, right now I’d say it’s doing around 25% so I will be doing some split testing. If you have any suggestions I’m all for it.

Now the lower conversion rate is also because I’m doing something else that’s different, instead of sending all the clicks to just this offer if someone has already been to my site recently I will redirect them to affiliate offers and when we make sales on those we put that money into buying more advertising. This is a good way to get additional revenue off of the same visitors, many of whom may have already joined your site and would have just exited anyways. I’m doing this using John Cornetta and Frank Salinas’ Click Maximizer product


Now back to my review of Bill Barrett…

I got 127 uniques (27 extra) and 44 optins for a conversion rate of 35% and a cost per subscriber of $1.48

At first glance that may seem to be bad but it actually is good. A lot of the solo ads that I’ve reviewed when I bought the traffic they were only charging $0.20-$0.40 per click and
now prices have risen back then a good provider would get me optins for $1 or so per person but now with the increase in ad prices I’m saying that $2 or so per lead is good and if you can get subscribers for under $1.50 that’s great. Bill got me 44 leads at $1.48
per lead and that seems like a good deal to me at the moment.

I recommend buying a solo ad from Bill Barrett.

You can buy a solo ad from him here

Have you bought a solo from him? Post your review below.

My Results From Tommy McLaughlin’s Solo Ads

I’m back from taking a hiatus from posting about solo ads,
but have returned due to popular demand

I bought a solo ad from Tommy McLaughlin for 200 clicks for
$60 or $0.30 a click.

He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site.

I got 256 clicks (56 extra) 96 optins for a 38% conversion rate
or a cost per new subscriber of $0.63

I recommend buying a solo ad from him

Have you bought a solo ad from him? Post your results below.

Go here to buy a solo ad from Tommy McLaughlin