My Results From Wayne Dobson’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Wayne Dobson for 500 clicks for $175 or $0.35 a click.

He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

I got 858 visitors (358 extra) 189 subscribers for a conversion rate of 22% (which is a bit low for the page) and a cost per subscriber of $0.93

Despite the low conversion rate (perhaps his list isn’t into WordPress plugins) I’d stll recommend buying a solo from him since he way over-delivered on clicks and the cost per subscriber was under $1

Go here to buy a solo ad from Wayne Dobson

Have you bought a solo from Wayne before? Post your results below.

7 thoughts on “My Results From Wayne Dobson’s Solo Ads”

  1. I just heard about Wayne today and was looking for more info on him and his solo ads.
    It looks like his prices have jumped up a fair bit since you’ve posted.

    I might try him out for my free marketing training and see how it goes. I like that he gives away a bunch of extra clicks from the sounds of things.

  2. Wayne is a great guy and probably the biggest solo seller on earth. I’ve managed to get a great discount on his solos for my members so if you’re looking to buy from him, get in touch 😉

  3. chirs how do I get a hold of you? I’d like to find if Wayne has a decent price on some biz opp lists

  4. Bought a 250 click solo from Wayne and he only delivered 100, after days of E-Mail correspondence he still refuses to provide me with the additional 150 clicks even after showing him my tracking link to show that I’d only received 100. So far he has been anything but forthcoming in helping me and keeps making excuses as to why he doesn’t deliver the other 100. Also his conversion rate was terrible for IM, I received a much better conversion rate from Gediminas Gedas solo ads.

  5. Will you please delete my review above? Wayne made everything right and I need to set the record straight. He fixed everything.

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