My Results From Cal Champlin’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Cal Champlin for 100 clicks at $25 or $0.25 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

I had Cal promote my Top Plugins for WordPress web site which gets an
overall conversion of 38% on the squeeze page.

Here are the results I got

210 unique clicks (more than 100% overdelivery) and with 97 subscribers
I got a 46% conversion rate

I highly recommend Cal for the overdelievery that I received, and he is affordable
for anyone starting out so you have NO EXCUSE you should buy a solo ad from him

67 thoughts on “My Results From Cal Champlin’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hey Man! Just wanted to give you a heads up I bought the $25 package and had a rocking result! over 90 optins and $117 in backend sales.

    Not going to recycle the $117 and buy another from your list. Thanks

  2. Hi, I am very new to this..
    How do I make money promoting the Top Plug-ins…?
    I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some direction. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi,
    I just used Cal’s solo ad…Best opt in numbers so far….I paid him $25 dollars for 100 clicks . He delivered more clicks and I got about 50 opt ins..(Sorry, No tracking system yet)
    No sales were made as of yet… I am very thankful for this site for recommending him.
    I am going to follow other recommendations as well with confidence.
    Thanks again, Reed..

  4. Hey Reed,

    I wanted to share my stats from a recent solo I got from Cal Champlin:

    Take Care,

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Cal Champlin (200 Clicks Package Paid: $50)
    Clicks To Date: 306 (thank you for the 106 extra clicks!)
    Free Offer Promoted:
    Clicks To Landing Page Conversion: 21.2%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List: 79
    Optins Not Confirmed: -20
    Double Opt-Ins Added To List: +23
    Unsubscribed To Date: -3
    Active Subscribers To Date: +56
    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $0.63
    Cost Per Double Opt-In: $2.17

    I will use Cal again, even though my numbers were not as good as I had expected. I think that instead of offering the “SEO Training” that I’ll promote a make money offer instead and see if it converts better for me.

    Cal was great to work with and I would give him a try. You can’t beat the price!

    1. Brett,

      Have you tried simplifying your landing page? I just clicked on it, and there is a ton of verbiage that made me want to click away. Have you ever considered something a little cleaner? I think it may help your opt-in rates.


  5. I bought Cal’s solo too and believe me this guys traffic is awesome. Not only was I able to profit instantly by his solo but also through the followup.

    I got almost 100% more than I ordered 🙂 Nice solo from him 🙂

  6. I would never never ever recommend this wanta be lead salesperson. I new as soon as I hit the paypal button and there was nothing that told me that it was good or not then I knew I was in trubble, The wores part was when I found out that his on the 5ipon web page and he wont even sent out for them.I sure his list was burned out on them but he should at least take his name off their list of provider of leads. I tried to contact him viea email several times with no return. I sent another ad to see if that would make a differants “nothing”. My advertising budget is small and everything needs to work. So I’m not happy with Cal….
    Tim M

    1. I guess you can’t please everyone.
      But Tim got 262 Unique Clicks and 297 Raw Clicks
      I sent him at least 4 emails and twice I sent him his results but he never responded.
      here is the link to see his results (this was a 100 click solo)


    2. First off, I have no affiliation with Cal & have not bought any solo ads from him, but I just had to make this observation from Tim’s comments:

      “My advertising budget is small and everything needs to work.”

      Really? I got news for ya Tim…everyone wants to get the most from each & every penny they spend on advertising & marketing, but that is a fantasy world. In the real world of marketing, some investments are simply going to pan out better than others no matter what level of analysis you put into the equation.

      If you expect everything to work, then likely nothing will. Keep testing, tweaking, & refining your marketing systems until you have a repeatable system…It looks like you got much more than what you paid for from Cal, and that is really all you can ask for in my opinion.

  7. This was my first solo ad ever! Here are my results…

    200 Clicks Package
    Clicks: 259
    Landing Page Conversion: 54%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List After Unsubs: 140

    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $0.36

    I am extremely pleased with the results, although I have nothing to compare them to. I surely was not expecting 140 subs upon purchasing 200 clicks.

    I highly recommend Cal for solo ads.

    Thanks Cal!

  8. Are these solo ads only for the IM niche or can they be used for other niches as well (specially education and consumer electronics)? Does Cal’s list support non-IM niches?

  9. A super awesome fantastic experience with Cal. Paid for 125 clicks and got 158 so far with 82 subs… (that’s about 52% conversion) and made my money back for the cost of the ad. I am testing a new lander and it’s only the second test I ran on my page so it’s not even close to being optimized for conversions yet.

    Cal’s list is HOT and responsive!

  10. I have purchased $80 solo ad on June 29, 2012. I have written to him to give him the squeeze page and the download page. I have not heard from him.

    I will wait for him


  11. Better than I expected for my first ad campaign. Paid for 125 clicks got 71 subscribers.
    He replied quickly to my email and said would send to list this coming Saturday. True to his word everything was done.

    Will use again.

  12. I placed an order with Cal for a solo ad which I received a confirmation on July 11, 2012, but have not got a respond as to when my solo is going out. Send 2 emails, but no reply. Is this normal?

  13. I have 47% opt-in rate from Cal’s list. This is great. Thank you Cal.

    Oh by the way, the reason you did not sent earlier was due to the email you posted on your sales page, but when I sent it through the payment slip, you received my solo ad which I received an immediate response from you.

  14. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to share my experience with Cal’s solos. I have bought 250 clicks from him last week and I got over 90 opt-ins. It was an amazing result!

    If you are looking for a quality solo, Cal is your guy! I highly recommend him.

    Thanks Cal I will definitely use your service again!

  15. I can only say WOW! I bought 125 clicks campaign from Cal.
    First of all, he was extremely helpful before he accepted my ad.
    Then, I could not just believe my eyes: 176 clicks and 0.8 unique ratio, i.e. 140 unique clicks! And 63.07% CTR! That was like a rocket boost for my list!

  16. [IMG][/IMG]

    Raw Clicks: 202
    Unique Clicks: 173
    Subscribers: 79
    Conversion: 45.66%
    squeeze page:

    9 subscribers wasn’t recorded for some reason, so I am well over or around a 50% conversion in the end, all the clicks where sent within 24 hours, so I haven’t had time to see any sales, also there is still clicks coming in.

  17. I bought the 125 clicks package.
    Unfortunately I forgot to install some tracking but here are my results:
    Raw Clicks: ?
    Raw Subscribers: 117
    Confirmed Subscribers: 55

    Subscribers are still coming in. I can only say WOW.
    I think this is a great result for my first solo ad.

    Thanks Cal.

  18. I was blown away with my results from using Cal’s solo ad.

    I purchased 125 clicks.

    Received 222 clicks! wow
    96 opt ins for 43%
    42 cents per opt in!

    Couldn’t be more happy and definitely recommend using Cal Champlin’s solo ads!

    Thanks Cal!

  19. I was looking forward to purchasing a solo ad from Mr. Champlin but I paid 3 days ago and sent an email as instructed, and I still haven’t heard back from him. I think I’m going to have to request a refund from Paypal.

    1. Turned out to just be a miscommunication. My email went to his spam box. The ad is running now & I’ll let you know of the results once all the clicks have been sent!

  20. Hi Cal,

    This is my second text to you on this page as I do not wish to leave a negative comment about your service here on this page for hearing from you for two days now after my order a day ago.

    I’ve sent you emails countless times and this is getting frustrating for me.

    If you know you won’t be able to deliver the clicks I ordered for or you are too busy to correspond or reply to your mail, Do let me know so that I can request for a full refund as I am not finding your silence funny at all in this matter.

    So please check your email


  21. This $40 solo ad was sent out more than 12 hours ago and only gave me 3 leads. $13.33 per lead. Never again will I use a solo ad for building my email list.

    1. Lou received 180 clicks (137 unique clicks). I had to send out a second mailing- because the swipe file that was sent to me did not perform well and I had to re-write it and send out again

  22. Hello Cal:

    I trying my best to keep this positive but how you treat people reflects who you really are. I have send you several emails with no regards from hearing back from you. Now i am requesting my “REFUND” back if you do not reach out to me immediately. What’s going on with my Solo ads i purchased from you. This is no way to conduct business especially after you take someone money. I am giving you 24 hours to respond back to me otherwise i’m contacting paypal and getting my money back. I am very disappointed in your service.

    1. Mr. Bratton bought an ad with an echeck payment that took 5 days to clear. When I reviewed his website I refunded his money on 2/1/13. I would suggest that Mr. Bratton be careful of his language he uses.

  23. Please do not communicate with me via Reed’s Blog as I don’t read it on a regular basis.
    Ms. Davis paid for an ad before she sent me the link for the product she wanted promoted. I rejected 2 websites and refunded her money the same day I rejected her second proposed site

  24. I got a great solo from Cal. Unfortunately, I messed up my tracking link – so I couldn’t track the clicks – but the ton of optins I got speak for themselves. I did send a couple of emails to Cal requesting my click stats, and also tried to connect with him on Skype, but surprisingly, he hasn’t gotten back to me on that one. But regardless, it was a great solo and I’m quite happy with my leads. Thanks a bunch, Cal.

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