11 thoughts on “My Results From Vince Craine’s Solo Ads”

  1. We purchased a solo campaign from Vince Craine. We have not heard anything from him at all. We have been trying to reach him on Skype with no response at all. Based upon our experiences and time in the industry and dealings with many, many emailers, we have concluded that Vince Craine is a SCAMMER.

    We would warn anyone reading this report to stay away from Vince Craine and DO NOT SEND VINCE CRAINE ANY MONEY.

    We would also like to request from all solo ad directories to remove Vince Craine from your recommended lists as this behavior also reflects poorly on you as well.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Vince is using his list full time. He’s marketing me! So don’t be concerned, email me if you need his support. I have been told to always make contact with the ad person before hand. Then you will know their interest level, list type and availability.

    ca 2012

    1. Hi Christer,

      I am trying to contact Vince Craine about a solo ad. Can you help me with a contact?

      Thank you,

      Tom Vrlik

  3. Woh, hash words,

    Just saw this page on GVO, I did a solo for Reed Floren went very well.

    I have been running a very powerful solo business for years – I am on many Guru’s list for top solo marketers – I always answer my emails at solos@vincecraine.com– If you go to sales@vincecraine.com you will never get a reply (just my pay pal address for purchases)
    My skype was hacked , new ID is vmcnewbiecoach

    JP before you Slander anyone you better have proof – because my friend that’s how you end up with lawsuits and loosing everything.

    Contact Me: solos@vincecraine.com
    skype: vmcnewbiecoach

    1. Hi Vince

      I just sent an email to your contact email add, I bought a Solo ad and paid via Paypal. Waiting for the result here….I just did not hesitate since you are one of the Solo Ad provider inside recommended inside PL…So I made a payment right away without contacting you..

      Juls Dabz

      1. I have also bought 200 clicks over a week ago, and have not heard a word from Vince. I have sent 2 emails to the suggested address and have requested his contact via Skype. Still no response. If I don’t hear, I will report to PayPal as well. They had no problem taking my money, but fail to contact me about delivering what I paid for.

  4. Mike P, read this 3 part email with Vince and I. I think you would agree.

    On 2013-03-13 10:58, Steve D wrote:

    Hi Vince, How soon can you send out 400 clicks, Pure Leverage?

    Steve D

    Got emailed back from Vince saying this about PL

    Steve, will not promote this all it is
    GVO rehashed garbage.

    Their product was so bad they had to change the name

    Vince, Want to talk, skype me: vmcnewbiecoach

    I will give you the REAL truth behind pure leverage.

    Now because so many people looking to buy solo adds off the PL list
    he now wants in on it.

    Mar 18 (2 days ago)

    Now OPEN For Pure Leverage (Max 100 clicks)


    Their is so many people who want my list
    because of it’s track record

    I have decided to do 100 clicks
    for anyone who wants pure leverage.

    I know this will bring a lot of people in
    so I am aggressively building my list
    to bring in new subscribers.

    here is my solo page*


    First come first serve 🙂

    Vince Craine

  5. I got in because so many people wanted me to do a solo. I had to see what this was all about. I have to admit it is much better than E.N, for the little guy. At least for $25 they give you some great software and training and you do not have to upgrade with money you don’t have to get
    the higher commissions.

    I am not crazy about any MLM – but if it is new I will look at it. Also if you want to get a hold of me
    then send to the Right Email Address – solos@vincecraine.com and stop whining you are not getting a response.

    Who are you?

    Americas Accountable Coach, (do you have a real name)

    You wrote: I have sent 2 emails to the suggested address and have requested his contact via Skype:

    Really because if you did, you would have a response.just like all the other solos from 7 different Guru’s list unless you are one of these guys we have to hunt down because you hide from your name on pay pal. which is it.

    Bottom line: I answer all my emails that solos are paid for and the ones I want. I get over 50 request a week so I pick and choose the best offers that work for my list. If you don’t hear from me look at your offer, chances are it is a misleading text add and not a quality offer.

    Thanks Vince

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