Example of a Successful Solo Ad

Here is a solo ad that helps get 56% of the visitors to my page to sign up for my email list. In other words 56% of the people that click the link on this email join my list and I can continue to market to them.

Subject: 10 Super-Fast Ways to Make $10K Per Month

Hey {!firstname_fix},

You gotta check out this great free report that shares 10 ways that you could start earning $10,000 a month.

*my tracking link goes here*

*their name*
P.S. After signing up, watch the video on the next page it’s incredible!


Subject: “10 Super-Fast Ways to Make $10K Per Month”

I used this subject line because it grabs their attention and shows them that I can teach them 10 quick ways to make really good money online.

Body: “Hey {!firstname_fix},”

Everyone wants to see their name especially when someone else writes it.

Body: “You gotta check out this great free report that shares 10 ways that you could start earning $10,000 a month.”

In this segment of the message it comes off as an endorsement of what they are going to see. It sounds like it was personally written after going through the free item.

Body: “*my tracking link goes here*”

It is very important to track your advertising, I use Easy Click Tracker Lite and it’s free.

Body: “*their name*”

This helps further establish that it’s a quick recommendation to their readers by placing the newsletter owners name at the bottom of the ad.

“P.S. After signing up, watch the video on the next page it’s incredible!”

Always use a P.S. in your messages it helps reestablish important pieces or allows you to increase curiosity which can get more people to click on your ad.

In this example I’m using it to create curiosity about the video on the page after they join my list so this helps get more people to sign up. It also is helping convince more people to watch the video which sells a $97 a month product allowing me to make more sales.

How could this ad be improved?

  • Another link to my page could get more clicks
  • Testimonial from an actual user of the free report
  • Some bullet points that hint at what some of businesses are i.e for eBay it could be something like: “Getting Rid of Your Junk For Big Bucks” and information marketing “How to Use Your Passion To Become an Internationally Recognized Expert”
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8 Responses to Example of a Successful Solo Ad

  1. Bobby Israel says:

    Hey Reed,
    I think your example of the solo-ad will help me a lot to establish my next solo-ad. Do you sale (or run or send) solo ads too? I did not see your name on the directory list. I am very dissatisfied with the choice I made.
    He hasn’t even contacted me after I paid for the solo ad.
    I know I’ve got to learn how all this stuff works.
    Tell me how do I use the HTML tags and attributes?
    But I thank you for passing this example to me, it will be a lot of help.
    Thanks Again,

  2. Godfred Hercules says:

    Do you write solo ads that I can buy?

  3. David Soper says:


    I agree it is best to learn the skill but he can find someone to do his ad at http://www.fiverr.com.

  4. anianvi says:

    Thanks that was great stuff….

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  7. Salar Gilani says:

    Thanks, its really gr8 help.

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