My Results of JT Martin’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from JT Martin for 250 clicks at $75 or $0.30 a click.

He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here’s my receipt:

Here are my stats:


I got 303 unique clicks or 53 more than I expect and 111 optins
for a conversion rate of 37% or a cost per subscriber of $0.68.

JT provided a cost per subscriber which is considerably less than
my average acquisition of $0.89  so I recommend ordering a solo
from him.

Order a solo ad from JT Martin here

9 thoughts on “My Results of JT Martin’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hey JT,

    I’m new to all this and wanted to know if you’ve mailed for EZ Money Method within the past week or so?

    I’d like to purchase a 100 click solo for $30 to see how your traffic flows and if I like it I’ll send more. Can you do that?


  2. Does anyone know if JT Martin is still in business?
    I purchased $225 solo ad package from him and he has not responded.
    Has anyone else had this experience with him. The reviews looked good.
    I guess next step is PayPal refund.

  3. Hi JT

    Am interested in purchasing some ads but i have some questions, I cant seem to find a way to contact you. Can you please contact me so I can get my questions answered and purchase ad.


  4. hello JT, wanting to run 100 solo ad campaign for MTTB venture, should be reaching out to folks that are home based bus type entrepreneurs, can you help. have swipe ad ready to run now.

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