My Results from Rodger Hyatt’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo from Rodger Hyatt for 250 clicks at $100 or $0.40 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I got 360 clicks (110 extra) and 165 new subscribers for a conversion rate of 46% or a cost per new subscriber of $0.61

I recommend buying a solo from Rodger.

Have you bought a solo ad from Rodger Hyatt before? How’d it go? Leave a comment and let us know.

Buy a solo ad from Rodger Hyatt here

9 thoughts on “My Results from Rodger Hyatt’s Solo Ads”

  1. was a flippant a-hole–I am new at this and this guy was not in the least willing to answer my questions. I asked basic questions and will not give any money to someone that is not willing to take the time to answer basic questions.

    1. “SOME” questions? You hit me with a crapload of preformatted questions designed to do more than inquire about my list… Hey if you want FREE coaching then just say so, instead of forming the questions to force me to teach you how to be an internet marketer. Jesus… Pay for traffic, get traffic… Pay for coaching, get coaching…
      Simple right?

  2. I ordered 100 clicks from this guy on Feb 14th. He said he’d deliver all of it no later than the 16th. So I made a follow up last night, but I didn’t get a reply. So today, the 17th – I left a message in his Skype account and demanded for a refund. Never mind the solos I ordered. There’s other vendors that has good integrity. My first time to encounter a solo vendor like that. I hope he’s the only one in the business. Like the other guys, I tell you to never even think of ordering from this guy.

    1. Peachy – I have never sold you a solo… I make a list of people who purchase my solo ads… you are not one of them, i never deliver like you explained either. I am also always available and always respond. I might suggest that you track down the REAL seller you bought from and take it up with them.

  3. 1: it’s my list and if i dislike your offer, my list will not see it
    2: No fake clicks… hell I don’t even know what that means.. ‘fake clicks’ ??
    3: You placed no order and also never contacted me, not in my skype contacts..

    you haters stop lying to give me a bad rep, proves that ya got far too much time on your hands..
    never did any business with ya, so go try and damage someone else’s rep, I don’t need YOUR business, I have plenty based on my ‘real’ reputation.

    Wow, what a bunch of wanna-be’s

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