My Results From Jason Benoit’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Jason Benoit for 500 clicks at $165 or $0.33

Here’s my receipt:



Jayson promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I got 930 clicks (430 extra!) and 406 optins for a 44% conversion rate or $0.41 per subscriber.

I recommend a buying a solo ad from Jayson.

Have you bought a solo ad from Jayson Benoit before? Let us know leave a comment below

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16 thoughts on “My Results From Jason Benoit’s Solo Ads”

  1. Buying a solo from Jayson was a GREAT decision. It was one of the best solo’s I’ve ever bought! I bought a 250 click solo for .40 cents per click. I got 146 subscribers and I also got an extra 63 clicks. I got 12 OTO sales and 3 down sales from this solo. Not to mention all the follow up sales and the relationships built for future sales. Jayson’s solo list ROCKS !!!

  2. I’ve been seeing some pretty good reviews here for Jason, and I’m hoping that my turn out can be the same, but I placed an order # 3269-5650-3698-4112 and todate it’s been a week and I’ve not heard from anyone or received any traffic. Jason if you’re reading this I’m not discrediting you or saying something could not have come up, but I would greatly appreciate your speedy respond to this matter.



  3. Jason,

    As you can see this is coming very frustrating. Here goes an additional 4 days from the already delayed week, and still not so much as an e-mail from you explaining me the reason for such inefficient behavior.

    Really hoping this grabs your attention to add deliver or refund me my money.


  4. I appologize.

    Jason I was growing more frustrated after not hearing back from you, but after reviewing my receipt I noticed my order was not placed with you but with a Mr.Harris instead.

    I’m sorry for the mix up and plan on making an order with you today to tes your services.

    Respectfully yours,

    Dwain Carbon

  5. Hi Jason, i would like to place a solo ad with you can you please email me with details of when you are next mailing out and what you need from me.

  6. Hi Jayson
    I purchased 100 clicks for $65 on June 15 and there were 40 optins. But promoted a couple of good products and response /open rate was only 2%. Only one purchase was made. I am really disappointed.

    1. Iype I have been doing online marketing for 6 years. You bought 100 clicks and got 40 opt-ins. The fact that only 1 person bought your product is not up to the person sending the clicks to you. You have to contact him first and ask him if what you have is a good offer to send to his list.

      1. I’ve been doing this a long time, 100 clicks with 40 leads and 1 sale is pretty good numbers. That’s a 40% opt-in rate and a 1% sales conversion. however, Roberts right – conversions is not up to the traffic sender – it’s up to the owner of the product.

  7. Hi, Jason I wanted to send a small campaign of 100 clicks to test your list for my offer.
    email me and i can give details of my offer to see if you have mailed for this offer.
    Thanks for your response.

  8. Hey for you guys trying to communicate with Solo provider here don’t waste your time. This is a review site of the solo and the results. Actually read the post and click the link the author provides to reach the solo provider of course your not hearing back if you are trying to place an order here??

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