9 thoughts on “My Results from Nataliya Piterova’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hi All
    I bought my first solo ad from Nataliya a few days ago. I paid $60 for 100 clicks. She delivered the following:

    Clicks – 116
    Sign ups – 50
    Conversion – 43.86%
    Sales – 2 x front end – 1 x OTO Total = $115

    To say I am happy with these results is an understatment. I will obviously be buying more in the future. Plus I told my mentor about these results and he fully intends to purchase in the future.


  2. I am interested in buying clicks from you!!!
    I just sent you a email with my subject and body that I would like added to the emails!!
    Hope to hear from you soon!! im going to try this out and probaily be coming to you every couple of days!!! thank you

  3. Hello?
    I am glad to see good feedback from other people..
    By the way when I access to the page to buy ad …
    You mentioned No EMPOWER NETWORK
    I am very new to this EN and very excited to move forward .
    May I ask why not ?

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