My Results from Holly Sutton’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Holly Sutton for 200 clicks at $60 or $0.30 a click

Here’s my receipt:


Holly promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I received 390 clicks (190 extra) and got 140 subscribers for a 36% conversion rate and a cost per subscriber of $0.43

For the extra traffic and the low cost per subscriber I highly recommend buying a solo from Holly.

Buy a solo ad from Holly Sutton here

101 thoughts on “My Results from Holly Sutton’s Solo Ads”

  1. Unfortunately my results from Holly weren’t as good as yours.

    I bought 200-300 clicks for $60 and only got about 50 opt ins.

    Holly said she sent the clicks, however converted at 48% and my personal tracking URL that I gave her only shows 159 unique clicks.

    I don’t know if the difference was a problem on her end or mine… alls I know is I my stats show a good conversion rate and very few opt ins.

  2. I bought 500 Clicks from her a $100 value.

    She doesn’t get in touch with you at all. Despite having requested several times whenever she thinks to deliver the solo ad. I have only a message with just the words ‘thank you’, after almost two weeks to have done the payment.

    At this point I am not sure if she will ever deliver the clicks.

    In WF she always has an exceuse for people complaining aabout her service, claiming to have sent clicks to everybody (?). However the common factor here is the lack of commitment on her behalf. She doesnt stop to think that we, as customers, all have tracking in our URLs to show whatever activity happens to be there.

    With so many people doing an honest job in solo ads, Why bother with someone like this buyer, that will give you just headaches? Yes, out of the full pack you find a rotten apple. With this seller you are sure to get it.

    Again… Stay away from this seller.

  3. @ Herman Castle I am not sure who you are however I do deliver and sometimes even though I try I cannot please everyone. I have looked over and over again for an order from you but do not see anything. If you are under a different name and you are the last person who ordered from me in the WF your clicks the full 500 have been delivered.

  4. I would not recommend this seller either. I purchased Holly’s 500 click package and have only received 189 clicks. I have contacted her multiple times asking why I haven’t received the clicks I paid for with no response. I would love to get a refund, but she won’t respond to that either. Stay away from this seller. There are other solo ads on this site that deliver what they say they will.

  5. I purchased the 200-300 click package from Holly. Didn’t hear from her for 4 days after purchasing and sending her an email with my link. I’m fine if a mailing takes a week or even two to get out, but I like to be kept in the loop.

    Delivered 137 uniques and 145 total clicks, per budurl stats, google analytics and Aweber form impressions. I emailed her to ask about it and she said budurl often reports the wrong stats, but the order showed complete on her side. I confirmed with google, aweber and budurl on my side and asked her for daily click stats from her side. I didn’t hear from her. I emailed her again asking how we can resolve the discrepancy; didn’t hear from her.

    I wouldn’t recommend buying from Holly, unfortunately, because her prices are really a selling point.

  6. Hello Jared,

    I would email you personally however I am not sure of your email address I dont believe you go by jared in your emails. I do use budurl for tracking and as many know budurl can be inaccurate and lately this is what has been happening. I have switched to a different tracking system and deifinatley believe in doing right for my customers pelease contact me we will get this resolved and please make sure the subject line says solo ad

  7. My name is Peg…I am fairly new to Internet Marketing. I ordered 500 clicks from Holly and the converstions were great. The clicks were deliverd int he time she said and I have ordered a larger package from her since then. She is very easy to work with and very communicative. Her prices are some of the best out there.


  8. hmm. I had a question before I bought the 500 click solo ad. I got a quick response and was satisfied with her answer. I have bought the solo ad, yesterday night, and it would run today. So we will see 🙂

  9. I ran a solo ad with Holly and I was very satisfied with the results!

    She went out of her way to see that my clicks came through and even over-delivered!

    Highly recommended –


  10. I bought a 200-300 ad last week and have 3 unique clicks only so far. I don’t know Holly so I’m not jumping to attack, so I’m not really as unhappy with Holly specifically as much as really Disappointed, given that she was highly recommended by Reed and also on the list of vendors with Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets.

    I think all vendors should post that certain ads are not going to get results with their lists at that time because of over-saturation or non-fit, etc. The simple ‘results may vary’ statement at the very bottom of their pages isn’t much when they practically Holler how many clicks MINIMUM that one will get through them.
    I’m still waiting further response from Holly.

    1. I bought a 200-300 ad last week and have 3 uunqie clicks only so far. I don’t know Holly so I’m not jumping to attack, so I’m not really as unhappy with Holly specifically as much as really Disappointed, given that she was highly recommended by Reed and also on the list of vendors with Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets. I think all vendors should post that certain ads are not going to get results with their lists at that time because of over-saturation or non-fit, etc. The simple results may vary’ statement at the very bottom of their pages isn’t much when they practically Holler how many clicks MINIMUM that one will get through them.I’m still waiting further response from Holly.

      1. All of Ismaels clicks were delivered as well and he is right just because on one list the product recieved a great conversion doesnt mean on the other list it is going to recieve the same.

  11. I purchased a 200 click solo from Holly in March… I received 226 clicks and had 88 optins. Also, Holly’s solos are some of the most affordable around! Thanks Holly!

  12. Just finished a solo ad campaign with Holly and I had a great response. My sales funnel is already tested so I know the results and I received similar results from her list. Nice optin rate and sales.

    I think if you’re nervous, try a smaller solo ad first. Everyone’s results will vary due to different methods of sales funnels.

    Thanks Holly,

  13. Hello
    I bought 500 clicks from Holly about 14 days ago
    and not get even one click came thru .She answered my emails and said
    that the ad went to her list the day before but nothing at my end.
    I emailed her again and she told me that the tracking from my part is not
    good and she sees clicks from her end
    My personal recommendation is do not buy from her you will lose your
    PS After reading all the comments i think Reed should remove her from
    his directory.

    1. Marian has recieved all of her clicks…and I did resend due to the fact she was saying she did not see anything.

      1. Purchased a solo ad from you in August (2012) and haven’t got as single click leave alone a reply from you.If you can’t manage fulfilling your end of the bargain please send me back my money. I tend to believe business is primarily about good customer care and this is the exact opposite of what I’ve seen for the past 2 months.

  14. Hello …im running a soload with holly as we speak i brought a 500 clicks soload from her my ad has been running for a few days now…so far 123 clicks…i am tracking my clicks so im making sure i receive 500 clicks..

  15. Hello …im running a soload with holly as we speak i brought a 500 clicks soload from her my ad has been running for a week now…so far 123 clicks…i am tracking my clicks so im making sure i receive 500 clicks..

  16. Holly,

    I purchased your tester package but yahoo or gmail will not allow me to reach out to you stating the emails is spam. Do you have another email to contact you at?

  17. To all who might be thinking about using Holly, STOP the results are horrible if you even get results. Not one single click, how do I know because if have campaigns set up and no clicks have registered from her. I guess she is in the business of scamming people and taking their hard earned money .She does NOT communicate AT ALL only some idiotic auto reply message. It is too bad but I was going to order many, many clicks.Well don’t be a fool and order from her like I and many others did, you will be sorry.By the way she will probably reply to this post faster than my email. Thanks for nothing!!!

  18. My results were horrible. I bought the 200 clicks for $60.00 and received 16 opt-ins which means I paid $3.75 per opt-in. I did not even receive all of my clicks. Oh well that was my mistake. Never again that’s all I have to say.

  19. ,I paid for 100 clicks and She doesn’t get in touch with you at all,had to let her know that i just paid for that and she reply ok,then sent my solo ad and ask her to use that one, but this is me emailing her all the time , she sent a reply saying ok not a problem,never knew if my ad was posted she never contact me at ALL, am not very happy with your service if you are going to be in business STOP wasting peoples time and money ,by the way her Email is on auto pilot will always get the same response, i want my money BACK.

  20. I had a very bad experience with Holly and the 1,000 click solo ad I ordered from her.
    She took over 2 months to deliver 435 clicks, and during this time, I emailed her at least 10 times about the lack of clicks being sent to my link. I eventually demanded a refund for the undelivered clicks, which took over 2 weeks to receive, after being told it would only be “a few days”. I would recommend avoiding this seller, as she does not deliver on her promises, and is uncommunicative. Waste of time and money.

  21. I see I made a huge mistake for ordering a solo with Holly. Its has been about threes weeks since I ordered and I haven’t recieved not none click. I have every email I sent her including the ad I created that I specifically wanted her to send. It also had a tracking link but no clicks whatsoever! I asked for a refund because I never got what I purchased but of course no answer yet. Reed you may want to look more into this because I’m not the only one with an issue with this. I paid for a service and I never got what I paid for. She can say what she wants but once again I have all the proof I need to prove her wrong if she tries to defend herself. I wouldn’t recommend doing a solo from here again.

  22. I never complain, but I have to speak up on this. I purchased the 200-300 click option for $60 on 9/6/12, it was pending for a few days but cleared not long after that. I have contacted Holly 5 times on skype asking about my purchase and when she would run my ad. She responded each time with a very vague answer or no real answer at all. I have also emailed a few times. One 9/26/12 she said it was ready to go out. It is now 10/1/12, almost a month later and it still has not run and I doubt it ever will. Communication is simply terrible, no other way to say it.

    I would never suggest anyone use Holy for solo ads. There too many better options out there. I hate to have to say this, but I was very patient and she has just blown me off.

    Good luck everyone.

  23. I never complain, but I have to speak up to save others the trouble. I ordered Holy’s package for $60 on 9/6/12 and it is 10/1/12 and it has still not run. I doubt it ever will. Her communication is the most unprofessional and uncaring I have ever seen. I have contacted her through numerous emails and multiple times on skype. He would respond with very little info and vague promises. Lesson learned.

    With so many good options out there, you are taking a huge risk using Holy for solo ads.

    Good luck all!

  24. I purchased 100 clicks for $60 and it has been over 3weeks now and not one single click. She assured me on several occassions she would send it and nothing has happened. I have proof that she didn’t send it along with all the emails we sent each other if she tries to deny that facts. I’m an honest person and wouldn’t lie. I have been a patient man but almost a month now has passed and still not one click. Reed you may have to look into this because I’m not the only one having issues.

  25. I did a 100 click solo ad with holly and she haven’t got back with me yet. She say she checks her emails all the time well that clearly seems to be a lie. I will not be going through this again.

  26. I would strongly recommend you stay away from this vendor. I have sent of numerous solo ads before with a lot of vendors, and I have never ever had any issues what so ever. However, it seems to me that Holly’s service is really poor and I have wasted my money. She stated that she had sent out the ad and that she was seeing clicks, but I got none in my clicktracker link. No sign ups. Nada. Zilch. The only thing I ever got back promptly from every email I sent out was a ’email received’ notification from her autoresponder.
    Don’t waste your money. There are better solo ad vendors on Reed’s List that you could use, who won’t cause you all this hassle.

  27. Terrible customer service an blatant lies here. I order a Solo from Holly over 2 weeks ago, even asked her how long for delivery before purchase and was told 48 hours. Well it’s weeks later and I’ve yet to have a click. I emailed her several times, she has always responded with I’ll have it done in 24 hours, of course this never happened. I’ve requested a refund and still nothing has happened. Lies and deceit here…

    Don’t buy Holly’s Solo’s, so many other providers with better customer service and on time delivery.

    1. Lanier was refunded promptly when we chatted about it. He asked for it on the 4th of october and was processed the next day. unfortunatley I had some personal issues going on that interferred not that it is an excuse but sometimes things do happen in life that come in the way of other things.

  28. Update to my earlier post… I was not aware but Mrs. Holly was dealing with a very personal family matter and was under impression she was bad for business. However when she was available she not only responded promptly but also issued a refund for the package I had purchased. Now I have decided to part ways once refund was issued but she went above and beyond to make sure all of her clients are content. Best of luck Holly and God bless!

    1. Greg it was a pleasure working with you and I am glad we could work it out hopefully sometime in the future we can work together again. GOod luck in your business ventures.

  29. I’m so upset with Holly, I been talking to her for couples of days no response. I think that way the clicks are so cheap bad service. She doesnt response to you, I have no result for the 100 clicks, I been waiting for two days no response. You cant run a company and not talk to your customer back. I’m so disappointed with Holly.. I was giving it a chance for the cheap price.. Not worth the money if your getting back bad customer service -_-

    1. Steven…please feel free to email me I answer my emails every 24 hours or less so every email has been answered as for “cheap” service my clicks are just as good as quality as any other you would pay more for. I also am available on skype which is sent out in my auto reply when you message me hollyjoshmandile30 is my skype feel free to add me on there.

  30. I had bought 100 clicks from Holly and all I can say is stay away from this one.. She dosnt do anything she says she is going to do. All I got from her was a nasty email saying she will run my ad and nothing yet. Dont waste your time here..

    1. Ralph, I have looked through my solo ad emails and am not seeing an email from you and as for a nasty reply not one “nasty” reply has been sent I apologize if you seem to feel that way though.

      1. then run my ad.. I had purchased over a month ago and you still havnt run my ad and I have got atleast 6 emails from you giving me excuses why you havnt run my ad.. Just do what you say you will do or refund my money….

  31. I hate doing this but she is an absolute thief. I paid for the 100 clicks and my solo should have gone out a week and a half ago. I have since sent her an email about it last Wednesday and I still have not heard from her. All I want is my money back. You get what you pay for I guess. Do your self a favor and stay away….

    1. Jay all of my emails are answered and up to date as of today. I looked for your email as well as your name and did not see any communication or any payment from you as all if you would like to contact me at or on skype hollyjoshmandile 30 I would be more then happy to solve this issue with you.

      1. Ok here is our email trail. I purchased from you Oct 21 st

        it will be going otu tonigth I apologize i thought I had messaged you
        about it.

        Hi. I have not gotten an answer from you. Has my ad gone out. I would
        appreciate your response to this. Thank you

        Sent from my iPad

        On Oct 21, 2012, at 11:01 PM, wrote:


        Awesome got it thank you 🙂

        Ok great. Im pretty new at this and I am sure you know your list and
        works so if you dont mind using your own would be great. Here is the

        Thank you so much.

        Sent from my iPhone

        On Oct 21, 2012, at 10:50 PM, wrote:

        be going out tomorrow eve…also if you dont have a swipe or want me
        use one I can do that as well.

        That’s ok. Do you write your own swipe or should I send you one ?
        when will this go out?

        Sent from my iPad

        On Oct 21, 2012, at 10:17 PM, wrote:

        HEllo Jamarll Please feel free to send the ad here thank you for
        purchase and I apologize for the redirect not working properly.


        Hi I purchased the test solo ad but afterwards I was not directed
        to send my link. Can you get back to me ASAP. Thank you!!

        Sent from my iPad

  32. I do my best to accomodate to my customer and I also answer my emails every 24 hours. Normally more then that. If someone has had a bad experience with me on here I truly apologize you felt it was a bad experience. There are some comments on here that are from people who have NEVER bought a solo ad from me. If you are weary of my ads I have a package for 20.00 its 100 clicks try it out. But I have far more happy buyers that unfortunatley did not post on here then there are negative results on here. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email me or skype me hollyjoshmandile30.

  33. Haha wow – all these BAD reviews. Looks like Holly can’t even deliver 100-200 clicks w/o it taking a month or two to do. Good thing I read this, I’ll be spending my money ELSEWHERE where people actually can deliver what I pay for!

  34. Communication before the purchase and now I have spent $100 & she has vanished. Promised my Solo Ad Would go out today but it is not looking like it. I will update my status by tonight / tomorrow. Right now I am nervous that my ad will not go out and I will be another victim

  35. Well Holly Screwed me 100% . Told me to purchase and that she could send the clicks by the 10th ..I paid and she vanished. Now will not return my emails and has yet to say a word about refunding me.

    I would like to get my $100 i sent to her as she has not sent clicks, lied to me and honestly should just be removed from the site because she is a thief.

  36. Final review for Holly.

    She didn’t send my clicks and communication wasn’t the best. But when she did get back to me she sent me a refund and we parted ways. Maybe it was a rough weekend and things just didn’t work out.

    Risky to use her but then again if your not on detailed time frame I am sure she would have sent the clicks.

  37. I had purchased 100 clicks from holly 1 month ago and she still hasnt run my ad yet.. I had contacted her at least 7 times and she will tell me the same thing that she is going to run my ad and never does.. Stay away from this one she dosnt do what she says..

  38. I ran a ad 2 times for 100 clicks each and she haven’t seen not one of my ads out!!lol Its funny how when you want to buy from her she answers quick but after that she turns into casper the ghost!! I would stay away from someone like her she not someone who you should invest in. LOL lesson learned you stealing people money basically and not giving them no clicks I don’t know why you even here to be honest. **WARNING**STAY AWAY FROM HER SHE BAD BUSINESS!!!

  39. Oh My God, I have never seen this amount of negative comments. How is this woman still in business? I DON’T CARE how crappy your opt-in page is. if you get between 200 and 500 clicks, YOU WILL have opt-ins… And seriously, EVERYONE else’s tracking isn’t wrong. That excuse died like 50 comments ago!

    Seems like she just emails her list, and doesn’t give a shit how many clicks are produced!

    IM is business, not gambling!

  40. Another BAD comment to add to the list. I wish I would of read all of these comments before I brought solo ads from Holly. THE WORST!!! She takes forever to follow up and when she does she tells you she’s going to do it and does not. I filed a dispute with my bank for a refund. I only did the $20 test but still…. $20 is $20 and imagine if 100 people or 500 people do that. My advice is no matter what the amount is FILE A DISPUTE WITH YOUR BANK!! Eventually maybe she’ll stop being so unprofessional and get it together. (We can only hope) Lesson learn…..Do your research first.

    1. Nina, has not only recieved a refund but also recieved her clicks about 3x over I sent 3 different times and 2 of the times iwthout my tracking link on it. The 2 other times my Auto Responder showed 150 clicks and over each time it sent.

  41. Bought the Hollyday special 300 clicks $55 on December 28th. So it’s been almost a month and NO clicks delivered yet. Tried one more time to e-mail her.Very poor communication so I will wait until the weekend’s over and file a dispute with Paypal.

  42. This Vendor is downright unprofessional. Its as simple as that. If you can’t handle the solo ad inquires hire an assistant, its that simple. Obviously if you’re taking all of our money you can afford someone to keep you up to date. I ordered her package on February 7th, 2013, to this day, i have not received one click. (Feb 12th)

    Unlike most solo ad vendors, the idea is to say when you will launch the campaign specifically, i did not receive that information either. Things like this is what makes peoples confidence go down immensely. You are a business person, do what is required to serve your customers. If we make an order, that is a binding agreement, act on it as you’re suppose to PLEASE.

    The way it seems is that the delivery of her service is about 30% to 40%. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS VENDOR.

    Cheap prices come with their perks.

  43. I did a solo ad with Holly she was great with getting back to me but I am in the same boat as John. In one month and a half less that 50 hits and then wouldn’t contact me back. Called for a refund. Didn’t deliver.

  44. I bought 300 clicks and got about a 40% conversion rate and 120 optins (maybe more)

    I have ALWAYS been happy to work with Holly, even spoke with her once before on the phone when she wasn’t so busy 🙂

    Point is that she is a REAL and awesome person.

    I promoted Pure Leverage and got about 4 paid signups which is more than my investment.

    I will give a point of advice when doing these solo ads guys.

    Make SURE you have a free or $1 trial offer like I did and when the trials up, you make your money 🙂

    Just don’t make solos hard and BUY SOME TRAFFIC and send her your AD NOW!


    Ashley and Jermaine
    Chicago 2013
    Las Vegas 2013
    Texas 2013
    Boston 2013
    New York 2013
    North Dakota 2013
    Florida 2013
    Blessed ~

  45. Aloha! 🙂

    I purchased Holly’s test ad package for $20 few days ago and emailed her my ad info as she requested. I’ve yet to hear back from her. Would anyone happen to know what the average turn around time is to hear from Holly after ordering?


  46. Same story here… Submitted payment for a 300-click package on Feb 19th. Had a few emails back and forth… Had a couple of general timeframes promised to me of when the ad will go out, but no traffic delivered. Requested a refund 3 days ago–no response. Submitted a dispute with my credit card company today.

    I wish I had done a little more research before I purchased. Lesson learned.

  47. I purchased 300 clicks from this person and only received 100 clicks. I told her I didn’t received all of my clicks and would like a refund if she could not deliver. As of this day I have not received a refund or the rest of my clicks. This person needs to be STOP! There are too many negative comments on this page. She keeps taking people money and always comes up with some lame excuse that it’s not her fault. I know you’re listening Holly. You need to stop taking people’s money if can’t give them what they pay for. Just to let you know. you have not heard the last from me. I think what you’re doing is wrong and I’m going to do what ever it takes to get to the bottom of this. You can’t keep doing this and think you’re going to get away with it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH P.S. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON, SHE DOES NOT DELIVER!

    1. Lee, first of all i looked up orders from a lee if you are using a different name to email me or contact me i cant look into these things if the names you are putting on here are different then the names in emails etc…im not someone to take peoples money at all! I am very easy to get ahold of.

      1. Holly you take peoples money without delivering.You’ve done it to me and you have to be ashamed of yourself.

  48. I purchased a solo ad from Holly a few weeks ago for a test 100 clicks and requested some info from her via email. She got back to me last weekend and stated her aunt had passed away and she had been out of town for a few days. So, giving her the benefit of the doubt she may be going through a hard time right now and may be extra busy doing other things besides solos.

    I’m sure she will fill your order, I’m waiting on my as well. Give her the benefit of the doubt and I’m sure she will over deliver to you.


    Dr. Steve

    1. Update:

      I followed up with her after not hearing from her for 7 days. I asked her when my solo was going out and all she said was…”you should see some clicks.” As of today she’s delivered 30 something out of 100. I got one opt in out of those 30 clicks. Seriously, if you email her you must wait anywhere from 2 – 7 days before a follow up.

      She’s going through some issues with her aunt passing which is understandable, but if she can’t deliver for customers she should take down her solos until all gets better.

      1. I have sent you another email hope you recieved it cause I have not heard back sending out another email today.

  49. Crap! Wish I would have seen this first. so from what another user says, I shouldn’t be expecting to hear from her for almost a month? Or maybe not at all? Why is she even accepting orders, I understand that things come up but if you are running a business, you gotta communicate. STOP accepting orders, you are damaging your rep. severely.

    1. UPDATE: Hi, Holly came through for me and got my solo out and I received the clicks I purchased. Not the greatest conversion but it was a test run which told me i DO need to do some tweaking.

  50. I payed $55 and 7 days ago and she still hasnt contacted me! my bank is in process of getting my money back. Holly needs to be investigated, i think i will take actions on how to remove her from , what ever it takes in a manorly way, people like this should be banned

    1. I have answered all emails….Charles I dont even have an email from you if you would like to email me email me at secondly i also have skype hollyjoshmandile30 I am not hard to get ahold of at all.

      1. charles I went and found your email and emailed you. I had not recieved any communication from you besides the post you wrote on here.

  51. i ordered the $20 test and i got no reply but the money was taken off my card so can you get back to me and let me know what is happening

  52. Do not buy from this scammer. Bought 1000 clicks, and promise to deliver w/in 72 hours never did. Then contact her again, got a response that her mother is in the hospital, that’s why there’s a delay…then nothing afterward. Try skyping her and email her without any progress. I’m in talk with my bank now and also my personal attorney. WARNING..DO NOT GET INVOLVE WITH HER!!!

  53. No wonder why she dont accept Paypal…anyway I will reference this page as evidence to be use against her, it’s already hardcopy. I can easily track her IP and location, and probably her real identity….

  54. whew!…i was in the process of buying a solo from holly…thank God i saw this!
    even if she is a good solo ad provider,why in the world are there so many negative reviews?
    Holly,i already contacted you and you have responded BUT i am not too sure again after reading will have to convince me first…will send you a mail
    my oh my!

  55. Six weeks into my solo with Holly, I have not received all of my clicks…Had several e-mails sent back and forth, even asked for a refund but have not received either. I have e-mails and Skype conversations to back this reply which I will post if prompted to by Holly…This is the first time I have to leave a bad reply for anyone but I have to do it. Holly, if I get my refund I will gladly re-post that we have come to an agreement. I will send you a final e-mail to make sure there is no mistake as to who I am and I am hopeful we can part as friends.

  56. I wish to add my tale of woe about my purchase from Holly too. I just get repeat emails from her saying she’s out of town when I try to get my money back, my clicks delivered or even just some kind of real communication. Holly, if you offer a genuine service , why don’t you (a) deliver what your customers pay for or (b) reply in any meaningful way to enquiries?

  57. STAY CLEAR OF HOLLY!!! We recently bought a solo-ad 25th March from Holly and wish we saved our time and money. We politely chased several times and got awful 2 line communications and she always seems to be out of town and sends back an auto-response. She took our money and never delivered any clicks and NO REFUND despite several emails. We even sent her tracking screen shots to show zero clicks received. We’ve taken it up with our bank for a refund. .. So wish we’d seen this before…
    No wonder she doesn’t take PayPal!!!

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