My Results from Heimir Finnson Solo Ads

I’ve been on vacation the last few days so wasn’t focused on posting my results.

Now I’m back and ready to start sharing again.

I bought a solo ad from Heimir Finnson for 250 click at $97 or $0.39 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

Heimir promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I got 349 clicks (99 extra) and 164 optins for a conversion rate of 47% or a cost per subscriber of $0.59

I’d recommend buying a solo ad from Heimir.

Have you bought a solo ad from Heimir Finnson, how’d it go? Post your results in the comment section below.

Buy a solo ad from Heimir Finnson here


26 thoughts on “My Results from Heimir Finnson Solo Ads”

  1. Hey. Just to add my result with Heimir, I got about 130 opt ins over this weekend.
    Thanks Reed for recommending him. Happy solo–ing

  2. Hey Reed,

    Here are my stats from a recent solo from Heimir Finnson’s list:

    Heimir Finnson (500 Clicks Package Paid: $177)
    Unique Clicks To Date: 604 (104 extra clicks)
    Free Offer Promoted:
    Clicks To Landing Page Conversion: 22.7%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List: 137
    Optins Not Confirmed: -42
    Double Opt-Ins Added To List: +84
    Unsubscribed To Date: -8
    Active Subscribers To Date: +77
    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $1.29
    Cost Per Double Opt-In: $2.10

    I tracked my exit pop opt-ins from this solo and noticed that it captured an extra 40 double opt-in leads and an additional 36 non confirmed leads.

    Heimir was great to work with and I will use him again.


  3. I sent my payment to Heimir last night.
    I purchased 250, so we’ll see how this works out. But so far I am blown away!

    This morning I woke up with 75 opt-ins! So far 1 is interested in becoming a member, and that is exciting. Literally less than 12 hours and went from ZERO prospects to 75!

    Last time I checked I was at 91 prospects. Now it is just a waiting game. But a very exciting one!

    Thank you Reed for posting these reviews. It really has helped me to narrow down who I want to work with.

  4. I ordered 250 clicks from Heimir, and I am still getting clicks. Right now I am 494 clicks with 122 subscribers. I went from no list to a very responsive list in a matter of hours. Heimir rocks!!! Another thing I like about him is he doesn’t keep promoting the same offer from different people. That is comforting. The reason I know this is because I referred a friend of mine to him, and he told me that Heimir said that he already has an ad with that offer. Thanks Heimir.

  5. I have bought clicks from Heimir. He is very helpful and was even accommodating enough to change his swipe when my offer went down during the time the solo was running. He effectively sent it out again for the new swipe and new URL, which was amazingly generous. I got about 50 extra clicks and a 22% optin rate (double).

    Quality and I will use him again.

  6. Hey Heimir,
    i just starting and inew the marketing business. i oly have $35 to my name. just wondering if you’ve
    mailed for the EZ Moneyod in the past week? I would like to purchase a 100 click solo for $34 to test your traffic, can you do that? please get back at me as soon as you can. Please and thanks, Todd

  7. Hello Heimir,
    I need your help.
    I’m just getting started in the marketing business.
    I started promoting a click bank product (niche – weight loss) and until now I had ZERO click.
    I would like to try a solo ad…. so I have a few questions:
    – Can I buy a solo ad from you?AN I BUY A SOLO AD FROM YOU?
    – How many active subscribers do you have?
    – What is the average email open rate?
    – How much is your solo ad?
    Please and thank you,
    Alexandra Santos

  8. I have bought several solo ads from Heimir over the last few months and I would recommend him to everyone. He is efficient and polite and usually very prompt with replying to queries and keeps me up to date with when to expect the ads to go out. I have done pretty well out of the sales as well. Thanks for everything Heimir.

  9. I don’t see how you guys like this thief. I purchased 250 for $135.00 6 days ago. He took my money and has never contacted me despite my emails . He is a scam artist. I have Pay Pal working on it. Stay away, spend your money where you find an honest person.

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