13 thoughts on “My Results From Gary Baker’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hi, I bought 250 Clicks from him, but he only deliver 72 clicks to me.

    I tried email him a few times to request for resent the solo ads, but he do not reply any of my emails. I bought 250 clicks, but he only deliver 72 clicks? How about the balance of the clicks? Until now I also get no response from him.

    One of the worst attitude in the business is total ignore the customers without any response. Honestly I am quite disappointing and I will be careful next time when choose the right solo ads seller.

  2. Worst solo ad buying experience I have ever had…and I’m still in the process of having it!

    I bought 250 clicks from Gary about a month ago. He scheduled me for Oct. 17th. After 2 days of seeing no movement I emailed Gary to ask when my ad was going out, no response. I waited another 3 days and emailed again, still no response. I then opened up a refund request and like magic he responded. He apologized and told me my ad would go out first thing the next morning (8 days after it was supposed to). 2 days later I still had seen no movement on my ad. I reopened the refund request and of course heard right back from him. He said he would send the ad out right away. 2 days later I have only seen 60 clicks and I don’t think anymore will be coming.

    I have been buying solo ads for some time now and I have NEVER had an experience like this. Everyone I have ever dealt with has been professional and done what they said they would do. DO NOT USE GARY BAKER! You will regret it.

    1. how do i open up a refund request? i just made payment and there is no respond from yesterday till now even the payment receipt is not been acknowledged?

  3. I agree with Jason. I am NEVER EVER buying from this peice of shit guy again. I ordered a 100 click solo ad from him 2 days ago. I sent hime the info he required after purchase and yet after 2 days I have had NO RESPOSE from hime. This is just crazy I feel disrespected. I feel like I’ve just been ripped off. I dont know if I am going to be able to get a refund for this either. Only if I would’ve read this page before purchasing from that HORRIBLE IRRESPONSIBLE solo ad dealer.

    If anyone one has some ideas on how I can get my money back from this fake, I would really apreciate it. And remember STAY AWAY FROM GARY (the rip off man) BAKERS solo ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bought a 100 click solo from him on May 8, 2013, and he told me it would run on May 10, 2013. Checked my clicks and seen nothing, then tried to email him and never got a response. Now I gotta figure out how to get my money back!

    I wouldn’t run a Solo with this guy, I’ve ran quite a few Solos and never had any issues until now, not sure what his problem is but I would definitely save my money and buy from someone else!

  5. Gary Baker is a Total disaster! No communication and only 1/3 of the leads bought were delivered to me. He does not even respond. BEWARE

  6. Yeah I’ve heard this guy is a total scam artist. One of my sub affiliates just told me he was ripped off.

    That makes about the 6th person I’ve heard that Gary has scammed.

  7. Why is he still listed on this site? It makes me apprehensive and start to wonder about everyone else’s credibility.

  8. I’ve spoken with him via Skype multiple times and he was very informative as to what he would and would not accept in regard to mailing out to his list. He came across as pretty nice and was patient with me for the most part while I asked him a million questions. However, just because someone is nice doesn’t mean they won’t rip you off obviously. I had looked forward to buying from him but now I’m not sure.

  9. Bought 100 Clicks from Gary. Fist off, he did not deliver on the date he told me 5/17/14. The day after he didn’t deliver either, so I sent him an email threatening to report him and file for a refund
    with paypal. Then he got in contact with me saying I was not put in their system. Yeah Right.

    Then on 5/18/14 my solo stopped at 35 clicks. I resend Gary another email telling him to honor what I purchased from himm gave him a deadline of 5/19/14 by days end or I’m filing definitely for a refund and reporting him to all solo boards he’s part of. Took another day two days to complete the 100 clicks.

    I do not recommend his services. He has lots of great reviews on his site but I think that was days past. Now he is very difficult to deal with.

    Don’t buy from him.

  10. I bought 100 clicks on 5/19/14 and have received only 40. I have emailed him multiple times with no response. I will try him on Skype, after seeing Rhandell Mitchell’s post.

  11. Gary Baker is a totally piece of shit! Don’t you even consider buying a solo from him. How can he even be on all this directorys and solo ad rolodexe’s…If You guys that run these directorys consider yourself any serious, you remove this guy yesterday….

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