My Results from Chris Jenkin’s Solo Ads

I ended up buying 2 solo ads from Chris Jenkins because I forgot to write it down. I bought 500 clicks for $150 or $0.30 a click.

Here are my receipts:



Chris promote my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

626 clicks (126 more than expected) 213 new subscribers for a 34% conversion rate or a cost per subscriber acquisition of $0.70

I recommend buying a solo ad from Chris. Have you bought a solo ad from him before? Leave your comments below.

Click here to buy a solo ad from Chris Jenkins

5 thoughts on “My Results from Chris Jenkin’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hey chris,
    Just wondering if youve mailed for the EZ money method in the past week?

    Im interested of buying an email solo ad from u, but i would like to purchase 100 clicks solo for $30 to test ur traffic, can u do that?


  2. Hey Chris,

    May i buy a solo add from you?
    how many active subscribers do you have?
    what is your average email opt in rate?
    what is the price for your solo add?

    Thanks Mark
    Skype: mark.s867

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