14 thoughts on “My Results from Bilaal Hussain’s Solo Ads”

  1. DO NOT USE! Extremely unprofessional and will not deliver your clicks. Bought a 100 click solo and didn’t even receive half the clicks. After 2 weeks I decided to get a refund and even still the payment processor gave me a hard time, even though their own seller is a scam.

  2. Hey J, I’m sorry that you had this issue whilst buying our solo ads. I can tell you right now that I take pride in my work and do my best to make all my customers happy, and obviousely I cannot please everyone. If I had not delivered what I set out, I would have processed a refund right away.

    I’ve looked through my records, and have no customer named ‘J’

    Again, I am sorry for this experience you had,


  3. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER. I purchased 100 clicks for $40 and his website promised to begin delivering clicks within 72 hours. I contacted him after 72 hours and he said it was a misprint on his website but would refund my money anyway. More than a week later and after several more attempts to contact…he still has not refunded my money.

  4. Same issue as above for me – nearly 2 weeks to run my solo – bought 40 got 32 after 2 months of constant reminders and me having to call to get any traffic – requested refund and kept promising to run – never met click count and no refund.

  5. Do not buy from this seller. I purchased 100 clicks for $40. His website promised to deliver clicks within 72 hours. I e-mailed him after 72 hours and got no response. It has been more than a week later now and still no response. I am asking for my money back and hoping he will respond to my e-mails this time.

    1. threaten to contact paypal (if you used it) or visa and get a charge back. Also threaten to leave negative feedback on warrior forum. Its a same you have to do that but he finally responded once I got nasty about it.

  6. Hi guys, I am sorry for your order that have not been completed, I have not been active in my business over the past month due to some unforeseen circumstances. If you have any issues please email me over at my site and I will work towards resolving your issues.

    Thank You!

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