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Business Success Systems, LLC
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  1. Will my traffic analytics show email referals such as gmail. mail. etc or will the refering url be your domain?


  2. Hi Reed,

    I have a question about segmenting my list after someone buys my offer in my solo ad. My initial thought was to create a good report focused on one particular problem (which I did) and offer that for sale for cheap ($7-$10.00), but I’m not real good at copywriting (yet) and I’ve been told by a few people that my salesletter “needs some work”.

    The issue I’m concerned about with using an affiliate product is sorting the buyers from the prospects so I can segment my list in my autoresponder. Many product owners won’t give up the buyer information.

    Do you have any suggestions or am I missing something obvious?



  3. I was wondering if any of these lists would suit my weight loss business, i own a online personal training website and i also sell high quality weight loss supplements, my customers are ladies weight loss only.

    To Your Health & Success

    Rhys Mitchell

  4. Hello…

    My name is Denise.

    , I’m looking to drive more traffic to my landing page.

    If you could answer the few questions below to the best of your ability that would be greatly appreciated, I am really focused on finding a list owner that I can work with on a regular basis.

    1. How many new leads a day are you adding?

    2. I would like leads from English speaking countries (ie US, UK, AU, Canada-If you have a specific country you want to target, ask about it) Is this something that you can provide?

    3. I want to make sure that I not getting an exhausted current list- How frequently are you emailing the people on your list?

    4. What is the life expectance of a lead on your list? (How long are they on your list before unsubscribe from your list)

    5. Do you have a list that is responsive in opting in with a true name, email and phone number?

    6. How long have you been in this industry and been driving traffic consistently?

    This will really help as I am narrowing down the competition and finding the right list owner to use on a regular basis.

    Here is my site for you to review, as it may help to determine if your list will opt in to my landing page or what changes you might suggest.

    I look forward to doing business with you.

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