Solo Ad Directory is run by Reed Floren.

I routinely buy a lot of solo ads to test out new offers and post my results from the solos I purchase on this site.

I do not receive compensation for my reviews nor will I hold back if someone does a bad job.

You can use Solo Ad Directory as a resource to determine if someone’s traffic might be a good fit for your internet business.

You will also get tips from me on how to improve the results from your solo ads so pay close attention as I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars per month buying solo ads to grow my business and the knowledge I learn can be applied to your business too!

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  1. Hey Reed. It looks like you have a ton of great reviews here. Who would you say is your favorite person to order solos from? Which place provides the best bang for you buck?

  2. Hey Reed,
    We specialise in internet marketing, affiliate marketing and online traffic generating to male people money on line, can you advise me who you recommend or how I find someone who specialises in this sector on your website?
    Many thanks
    PS Great website as its a minefield!!!

  3. I want to be an IMktr. I have products, I just do not have a list… and any attempt to build one has not been “good”. I was introduced to Pay For… clicks, whereby people are paid to Look at my ad/s, but after a few seconds would go to the next ad. I want people who also would like to be IMktrs and are interested in getting set up, through their own hard work. The Website above was “built” by two friends and they have been selling their system for over 10 years. This is not a CB. I offer a FREE eBook on how to begin your business, then offer a program that is “ready made”. If a person wants to follow the book, they could get up and running (it is how I started a couple of years ago). The only think I need is traffic — and do not know how to get it. I have also been told that some people will do a Joint Venture with me, so I could build a list slowly, then when I get 100 people on a list, I can do a swap — do you know anyone who is open to do a “first time” JV with me?

    Thank you for your help… I have bookmarked your site and will be back, especially if I can find a JV!

  4. Great site. I am learning quite a bit from your reviews. I have built a very substantial opt-in list as an attorney. I have done attorney reviews of many money making concepts, systems and products for several years. My people really trust my ‘approvals’ and this credibility makes my list very special. I would love to communicate with you and will be set up for offering solo ads very soon.


  5. Hi There
    Looking to buy solo ads but not in the IM market rather in Jobs market

    Any thoughts

    Also there an awful lot of bad reviews on some of the ‘recommended people

    again any thoughts


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