Writing Your Solo Ad

Writing a solo ad can be very challenging. But of course, it is very important to write your solo ads well; after all, your profit will depend on it.  So what is a solo ad?  Solo ads are basically page-long promotional advertisement that is included in newsletters.  Basically, if you want to promote yourself, you buy ad space from a company that sends out newsletters or ezines.  After you get the space, each newsletter sent by the said company will have your advertisement.  With what you pay for, the space is all you buy; you still have to work on the solo ad yourself.  The content of solo ads is very crucial.  The newsletter can only take you so far.  As soon as the reader gets to your ad page, it is up to your ad’s content to lure them in.

The very first thing you have to remember when writing your solo ads is to be organized.  Write an ad that is professional.  Make it look organized.  Don’t just put in a catch tag line and paste links to your main site all over the advertisement.  Make the ad look good.  Make it seem like you are serious about establishing your business.  If you ad looks too unkempt, people will skip it.  They will think your page is nothing but an ad page that will get them into trouble.

Next, make sure your content is informative.  Remember, you have a whole page to fill with details on your products and services.  Be as informative as possible.  However, make sure you don’t give out too much that your readers are discouraged from visiting your link.  Remember, you goal is to get these readers to your site.  You should provide information that they would be interested enough to click your link and check out your website.  Remember, the more web traffic you get, the more income.

Lastly, make sure you offer something special to your readers.  Lure them in by offering special discounts and prizes.  By doing this, people will be more interested in the many services and products you offer.

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