Why list building is so overwhelming for newbies

There’s so many lead generation strategies these days, it’ll make your head spin.

If you’re just starting out…

And if you’re not a “techie…”

You’re doomed to fail before you start.

Not because you can’t build a list… but because there’s just way too many options to choose from.

There’s Upstagran, Flakebook, Twatter and Parishiltoncope…

There’s solo ads, my new traffic source and my other even better distilled traffic source…

There’s Flakebook ads (not an option for you if you’re in biz opp though)…

There’s Google (too expensive for my taste, if… you can get approved)…

And a twenty other strategies not even worth mentioning…

Now, obviously, this list shrinks substantially if you’re really bad on tech.

But that’s besides the point.

What I mean is – there’s just too much overwhelm.

It’s impossible to decide which strategy is better.

Because each expurt sells something else as the next best thing after slicer-dicer.

There is, however, one strategy, that’s better, faster and cheaper than all others which you haven’t considered before.

Get details in this video
==> http://www.soloaddirectory.com/blog/dfylist

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