[NEW] 10K list without lifting a finger?

List building is sort of like dating.

Everyone understands the concept and recognizes the value of the process.

But no one likes actually doing it, because it’s hard.

We prefer to skip all the way to the good stuff – sex (e.g. making money with our list).

Thing is, however, that’s not likely to happen.

Because no one is going to build your list for you the right way.

With the exception of the rare occasion when my buddy Devon Brown opens the doors to his extremely limited service – “done for you 10K list”

You see, every now and again, Devon invites 5 list building beginners to build their 10K list for them.

100% on autopilot.

And before you scoff saying it’s probably going to be expensive because it’s 100% done for you…

I can assure you – the whole thing will set you back less than what it would cost you to build a 10K list on your own.

Yet, it’s going to be 100X faster and absolutely no work required on your part.

So you can skip straight to the good part!

Get details in this short video

==> http://www.soloaddirectory.com/blog/dfylist

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