My Results of Thomas Burke’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Thomas Burke for 125 click for $37.50 or $0.30 a click.

Thomas promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here’s my receipt:

Here are my results:


I got 190 visitors from Thomas (65 extra) and 79 optins for a conversion rate of 42% and a cost per subscriber acquisition of $0.47

I recommend buying a solo ad from Thomas because everyone can afford it and the results I had were very good.

Buy a Solo Ad from Thomas Burke here

17 thoughts on “My Results of Thomas Burke’s Solo Ads”

  1. I really appreciate all the info on this diverse array of solo ad providers. I am buying 5 to 6 solo ads per month and knowing the stats of each one is awesome. I could only hope to be as prosperous as you Reed! lol:)

    1. @Gabe awesome, feel free to post your results on the blog as well. Would love to hear from other people how the solos are converting for them.

      1. Hey Reed,

        Here’s an update:

        Email was sent last night at 9:30 PM EST (I’m in Miami Fl)

        Less then 24 hours and so far 51 optins. For $20 that’s not bad at all .39 cents per optin.

        No backend sales yet though.

  2. Not As It Supposed To Be!

    The results suppose to be much less, than Thomas deliver.

    I bought 50 clicks, already have 30 opt-ins and it’s still running.
    (I’m asking a lot of details, so this is a very good conversion)

    One OTO sale as well.

    Thomas defenetly has buyers in his list!

    If you’re on a budget but you want to run a solo ad, this is the place!
    Very cool dude to work with!

    1. hey Rich,
      were you able to hear back from anything?
      I’m looking to promote Empower Network through solo ads and wanted to know if this would be accepted on this list.

      One way to find out I guess 😉

  3. Thomas hi, I tried to buy a solo ad but it said not to click the button without getting the ad approved first, I didn’t see any where where I would send it for approval.

    Please let me know where you would like my ad to sent to for approval.


    1. Hello, This information was part of the instructions. Review it again and it is there plain to see. For convenience I am posting it here: Email me at thomasburke777 (@) Also, Make Sure to include your ad, including the landing page, so I can make sure it is a good fit for both of us.

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