My Results from Sophie Choung’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Sophie Choung for $30 for 100 clicks or $0.30 per click.

She promoted a site of mine called Simple Internet Marketing Formula which on average converts at about 33%.

I got 118 uniques (18 extra) and 22 optins for a conversion rate of 19% and a cost per subscriber of $1.36

You can buy a solo ad from her here

Have you bought a solo from her? Post your review below.

2 thoughts on “My Results from Sophie Choung’s Solo Ads”

  1. I like the idea of this site and there’s real value potential here. If you included things like how many buyers you got, what countries your subscribers were from (that you acquired), response from follow up emails with the new list from that provider, etc., it would really blow this place up and you could monetize by brokering deals. However, it’s not quite there with review criteria. The review on one of your providers, for example, was great (in your experience) but then comments showed a negative experience from most buyers and the provider even admitted to paying people in India to fill out forms… yet, your review still highly recommends him. Are you just basing these reviews on opt-in #? … Anyway, great idea here. You’re onto something that could really grow if you treat it right. Cheers.

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