My Results from Randy Koehler’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Randy Koehler for 200 clicks at $75 or $0.38 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

Randy promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress Site

Here are my results:

I got 318 clicks (118 extra) and 94 optins for a 30% conversion or cost per subscriber of $0.80.

I recommend buying a solo ad from Randy

Have you bought a solo from Randy before? Tell us your results below.

Buy a solo ad from Randy Koehler here

5 thoughts on “My Results from Randy Koehler’s Solo Ads”

  1. Hey Reed,

    Great little site that you have put together here. It is really helped me do my research on Solo ads and although I have not started yet it is going to be invaluable for when I do.

    Thanks again for taking the time to set this site up.



  2. Hi Reed

    I spent countless money on solo ads hence I had no clues which one will work and which one wouldn’t. Now, your service helps me to save lots of money and efforts. I salute you man.

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