My Results from Mark Gurney’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Mark Gurney for 250 clicks for $85.

Here’s my receipt:

Here are the results:

262 unique clicks (12 more than expected), 79 optins, and a
conversion rate of 30% which is just slightly less than my overall
average of 38% for this squeeze page.  Basically I paid $1.08 per lead.

Go Here to Buy a Solo From Mark Gurney

11 thoughts on “My Results from Mark Gurney’s Solo Ads”

  1. The link above was filtered and blocked by websence…
    Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.
    The Websense category “Illegal or Questionable” is filtered.

  2. Websense is a filtering system generally used by corporations to keep their employees from visiting many sites. Their filtering is very strict and their judgement of Illegal or Questionable is er ..highly questionable. 🙂

  3. Mark’s list rocks!!
    Purchased a 100 clicker, Mark sent me 123 (23 Extra), and got 59 opt ins which translates to a 48% opt in rate…PLUS his professionalism is quite rare…Highly recommended

  4. Hi Reed,

    There are Scammers in your Solo Ads Directory and Solo ads like Mauris Stefan, Holly Sutton and some others should be made known to others, there is no review. So we cannot prevent other people from buying from people like him.

    Could you please put the review on him, so that people who got scammed by him like myself can post on it.

    Thanks for providing quality information.

  5. I bought 100 clicks and Mark delivered 125 uniques and I received 44 opt-ins. Overall, Mark was very responsive and very professional. I would recommend him.

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