My Results from Brocha Weiss’ Solo Ads

I bought a 250 click solo ad from Brocha Weiss for $80 which is $0.32 per unique.

Here is my receipt:

Brocha promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

Brocha sent 403 clicks (153 extra) and I got 152 optins for a conversion rate of 38% or a cost per subscriber acquisition of just $0.53 per person.

I’d recommend buying a solo from Brocha.

Go here to buy a solo ad from Brocha Weiss

5 thoughts on “My Results from Brocha Weiss’ Solo Ads”

  1. Hey Reed,

    Here are my stats from a recent solo from Brocha Weiss:

    Brocha Weiss (250 Clicks Package Paid: $80)
    Clicks To Date: 323 (got an extra 73 clicks!)
    Free Offer Promoted:
    Clicks To Landing Page Conversion: 18.3%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List: 55
    Optins Not Confirmed: -26
    Double Opt-Ins Added To List: +29
    Unsubscribed To Date: 0
    Active Subscribers To Date: +29
    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $1.45
    Cost Per Double Opt-In: $2.75
    Brocha was great to work with, my solo ad was sent out the day after I placed my order. I did not get as many opt-ins as I had hoped but so far the leads I did get seem to be pretty responsive.


    1. Brett, I think you could have improved your landing page to lower your cost per lead. You start with a call to action without letting people know what’s in it for them. (“Fill in your …”) is a big conversion killer.
      You might have as well to much text to attract cold lead. Big headline about the benefit (“Free: my insider reports on how to get free targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing in less than 7 days…”, something like that), subheadline with active language (“In this free 15 pages pdf / video course I will show you step by step how you can…”), and then a good call to action.

      When using solo ads, you should split test your landing pages as well. But I guess you could double your conversion easily which would mean 50% more leads for your bucks.
      Just my 2cts

      1. I love what you just said to Brett. It’s all to easy to blame somebody not realising that we can improve too, or in that case we can always improve our landing page. I will remember about you when I need to buy my solo.

  2. I ordered about a week ago (spent $83). No word from Broscha. Tried contacting three times… no reply. Customer service url is bad… no website there. Opened a dispute in Paypal. Hope to get my money back soon. Lame.

    1. She was very ill at the time. Bad luck on my part. I escalated my claim in Paypal and Brocha responded to me immediately. She was very gracious and apologetic, and refunded my money immediately.

      I may just give her another shot! ;=)

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