My Results from Andrea Fulton’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Andrea Fulton for 500 clicks at $165 or $0.33 a click

She promoted my Top Plugins for WordPressย site

Here are the results I got…

563 clicks (63 extra) 158 optins for a 28% conversion rate and a cost per subscriber of $1.04

Have you bought a solo from her? Leave your comments below.

Go here to buy a solo ad from Andrea Fulton

23 thoughts on “My Results from Andrea Fulton’s Solo Ads”

  1. I bought a 500 click solo from Andrea (2/26/12).
    I gave her a poorly converting page and honestly expected that she
    would have to send more raw clicks than the 500 to get the clicks.
    I dont know how she did it– but she sent 530+ uniques and I got
    about 10% MORE conversion than this page usually gets.

    Andrea was professional and knowingly took the challenge of a really
    tough solo in her stride and proved herself a winning provider.
    I heartedly recommend her.

  2. what type of list does Andrea have? Is this internet marketing mostly, seo type stuff what are your solos? and how many different solo ad niches do you have

  3. After going to Andrea’s review section on her website…we decided to test her program as her list met our criteria…The results were better than expected overachieving on clicks and gaining 4 sign -up’s for our program. Thumbs up to Andrea and most definitely will order more thru our Co-op Team Build……of course in larger amounts….Great job Andrea and on short notice as well!!!

  4. I ordered 100 clicks from Andrea on August 16. Got 4 clicks total. After some discussion I sent a different order and got… 4 clicks again. That’s a total of 8 clicks in over a month. Sorry Andrea but I had to tell since you would not try to find a solution…

    1. I have delivered all clicks and sent reports .. I have never cheated anyone on clicks. Are you talking about opt ins? Please contact me Ted I just sent you a screenshot yesterday. I have delivered all the clicks. I can deliver 100 clicks in about an hour. I have never not delivered. Like I said .. please contact me to get this sorted. I can send you your results again.

      1. As I said before, I never received anything from you to indicate that you sent the clicks I ordered. Since I did not have my own tracking all I could see is 8 new emails which I now realize were opt-ins. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  5. I have ordered 100 clicks from Andrea on Agust 16. I got 4 clicks. After a few
    days and some discussions with Andrea I sent a different offer and again
    received only 4 clicks. That’s a total of 8 clicks after over a month.
    Sorry Andrea I had to post this comment but I feel you cannot deliver what you

  6. Hi Andrea, in what niche is your list,.
    I have a product that I will promote for start a online business, will that work.
    And If I need 100 clicks what is my payment to you

    I look forward for your reply,


  7. Andrea has not replied my email after payment has been sent to her for a 100 clicks. payment was sent 2 days ago being 11/10/2014. I’m losing patience. I hope she delivers cos if she doesn’t deliver I will come back here with a negative feedback of her service but if she delivers, I will come back here with a positive remark of her services.

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