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The most important thing you have to remember when it comes to opening your own online-based business is to do proper marketing.  Marketing is the only way you could promote your goods and services properly.  You see, online businesses are very much similar to physical businesses.  There are just slight differences in marketing approaches.  One of the most effective ways of promoting yourself online is with the use of email advertising.  Email advertising is basically a method where you send promotional emails to relevant people in your market.  From these emails, people get to learn more about your product.  Ezines are one of the most prominent types of emails ads.  Companies use this to keep in touch with their former and prospective customers.  The great thing about an email ad is that you don’t have to send one yourself to get to promote your business; you can actually buy space in another ezine or email newsletter and promote from there.

Ezine or solo ads are very similar to page-long ads in magazines and broadsheets.  The only difference is instead of just promoting your product generally, you can redirect people to your main website so they learn a lot more about what you offer.  You can buy this space from companies that send out ezines.  By doing this, you don’t have to send out emails yourself.  This can also save you a lot of advertising money.  You see, with email ads, you pay for your ads upfront.  This means you don’t have to give a commission for the money you make from them.  Instead, you just pay them a fixed amount for featuring your ads.  In the long run, that is definitely more savings!

For this reason, you have to be extra picky with the newsletters you feature your ads in.  You have to get one that has a good marketing base.  If the newsletter you promote in has a broad market, more people will get to read it.  That means you can earn more than what you pay for in ads.  Make your business boom and prosper with email ads.

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