Choosing Your Ezine Solo Ads Space

Online marketing is a must for anyone who owns an online business.  You see, no real online business can succeed without proper online marketing.  There are many methods and techniques to employ in order to make your online business prosper.  A classic way to promote your business is by using ezine solo adsEzine solo ads are basically ad space you buy from online newsletters.  These newsletters are sent to opt in mailing list participants.  Each newsletter sent will contain your advertisement.  Ideally, you should get a whole page for your advertisement.  You should also be informative in your ad, placing links to your main site where appropriate.  However, the big question is which newsletter to sign up with.

When choosing the ezine you’ll promote in, you have to be smart.  The very first thing you have to do is to look for a newsletter that has a good market.  It is very important to choose the right newsletter when it comes to your ezine solo ads.  This because you pay for your space upfront, not based on commission.  You have to be sure that you can get enough profit from this marketing investment.  Not getting the enough funds will mean you’ll have a deficit instead of a profit.  You have to make sure you promote in a good newsletter.  Never sign up with an unknown newsletter.  Remember that spam is widespread today.  This has caused people to be more sensitive with the emails they receive.  If they receive emails from entities that they do not know of, chances are they are going to delete them.  This is why it is important to promote only with good, well-established ezines.  You have to be sure that your ads will be seen and read.

Also, when choosing which ezines to promote with, consider your target market and products you sell.  Do not promote with a newsletter that reaches out to a market that is irrelevant to your products and services.  If you sell beauty products, you don’t promote with a home improvement-themed newsletter.  You have to think first before you do promotions.

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  1. I was aware of this concept but not of the name ‘solo’. You have good information on your site. After reading all about it, I just might consider opening up my list to selling some solo ad space. Thanks. Here’s to your online success!

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