My Results from Mark Gurney’s Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Mark Gurney for 250 clicks for $85.

Here’s my receipt:

Here are the results:

262 unique clicks (12 more than expected), 79 optins, and a
conversion rate of 30% which is just slightly less than my overall
average of 38% for this squeeze page.  Basically I paid $1.08 per lead.

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My Results from Emilis Strimaitis’ Solo Ads

I bought a 200 click solo ad from Emilis Strimaitis for $70.

Here’s my receipt:

He promoted my site Top Plugins for WordPress

I ended up getting 388 clicks (nearly double!) but a
conversion rate of just 26% (normally 37%), perhaps
his list isn’t very interested in WordPress Plugins though.
Nevertheless I added 99 subscribers to my list or basically
spent $0.71 per new subscriber which is great!

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My Results from Colin Meunier’s Solo Ads

I’ve decided to put a new feature on my solo ad directory and
now will be writing reviews on the traffic that I’m buying. Feel
free to add your own comments of your results with the
individuals as well.

With solo ads I highly recommend that you purchase smaller
solos from that list first to see if it converts for your offer. You
can always buy more traffic from them.

Today I’ll be reviewing Colin Meunier and sharing my results.

I bought a 250 click solo for $85 which works out to $0.34 a visitor.

Here’s my receipt

Colin M PayPal Receipt

And I had him promote Top Plugins for WordPress

I ended up getting 258 unique visitors (8 extra) and added
92 people to my list for a 36% conversion rate. Which works
out to a cost per subscriber of $0.92.

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