My Results from Randy Harris’ Solo Ads

I bought a 250 click solo ad from Randy Harris for $100 or $0.40 a click.

Here’ my receipt:

Randy promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are the results:

Randy sent 569 clicks (319 extra) and I got 276 optins for a 49% conversion and a cost per subscriber of $0.36.

I recommend buying a solo from Randy

Go here to buy a solo ad from Randy Harris

23 thoughts on “My Results from Randy Harris’ Solo Ads”

  1. I purchased Randy’s solo ad yesterday. Out of 250 clicks I purchased I got 109 opt ins.
    I am very happy with the result. Thanks for recommending him!!

  2. I ordered the $50 package of 100 clicks from Randy Harris.

    He was the most responsive of three orders I placed on the same day. He sent out the solo ad the same day.

    The target URL for the solo ad was:

    I received 35 leads so my cost per lead was $1.43.

    The leads looked suspicious. Almost all were free email addresses on hotmail, gmail or yahoo. Most had numbers in their email address (like

    However, those leads resulted in 3 orders of two different services. Each service was $100, so the total of all three orders was $300.

    With an investment of $50 and a potential revenue of $300, this campaign had a 600% ROI.

    We typically receive a 50% order to payment ratio, so the actual ROI will still be 300%.

    We will probably repeat once we see that the orders convert to paid sales at our normal rate.

  3. Really happy with my solo from Randy. Went out extremely quickly and got a 37% optin rate and a nice profit from my initial oto funnel.

  4. All I have to say Reed thank you so much for doing this….It has helped me tremendously. With That said…I LOVE RANDY HARRIS! I just purchased from him today 1/18/2011 around 1:00pm…its 11pm and he delivered 139 clicks (only ordered 100)…58 opt-ins. This is a conversion rate of 41.7%! Not to mention I got 11 signups (they have to complete an offer) and 2 leads already completed an offer!


  5. I ran a solo with Randy today and got just at 50% opt in rate with some highly interested prospects. By far the best solo I’ve ran to date. Randy is the man!!

  6. @Randy Harris I just took the 100s click option, since you have lots of positive reviews here I am very excited.
    To everyone I will pop back once the results are in.

    1. hello again
      I’m back to say thanks to @Randy Harris for a swift service,
      from the 100 clicks I ordered I recieved 123,
      but sadly my conversion rate was zero, oh well, next time will go better

      1. tried a second solo with a different product but still zero
        the sales copy converted at %40 and still no sale…
        what am i doing wrong?

        1. Send me a link to your squeeze page and I’ll take a look. I use extremely simple pages and get conversions of 56% and up. Just go to my Contact Us page on my blog

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