My Results From Formidable Marketers (John Cornetta & Frank Salinas) Solo Ads

I bought a solo ad from Formidable Marketers (Frank Salinas & John Cornetta) for 250 clicks at $90 or $0.36 a click.

Here’s my receipt:

They promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are my results:

I got 425 clicks (175 extra) and 128 optins for a 30% conversion rate or a cost per subscriber of $0.70

I recommend buying a solo ad from Frank Salinas & John Cornetta

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6 thoughts on “My Results From Formidable Marketers (John Cornetta & Frank Salinas) Solo Ads”

  1. Hey Reed,

    Here are my stats from my solo from Formidable:

    Purchased the (“Sweet Swipe Solo” Package – Paid: $500)
    Clicks To Date: 1,140
    Free Offer Promoted:
    Clicks To Landing Page Conversion: 28.5%
    Single Opt-Ins Added To List: 325
    Optins Not Confirmed: -6
    Double Opt-Ins/Confirmed Added: +194
    Active Subscribers To Date: +162
    Cost Per Single Opt-In: $1.54
    Cost Per Double Opt-In: $2.58
    I worked directly with Mike and Frank and they were both really great to work with. I was hoping for more leads from the solo but out of the leads I got they converted pretty well for me and I will use them again.

      1. @Reed, I try my best to keep my average cost per opt-in under $1.00. I’m not currently split testing but I know I should be.

        The opt-in page I’ve been using was tested against multiple squeeze pages over a long period and it always did 40-60%+ click to opt-in conversion with endorsed traffic but I have not tested it in a few years.

        I think part of my probem is that my free offer is is “seo training” versus “make money from home”. I’ll share more as I buy more solo ads!

        Take Care,

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