My Results from Eddy Ng’s Solo Ads

I purchased a solo ad from Eddy Ng to promote this squeeze page.

Seller: Eddy Ng
Price: $21
Clicks Purchased: 50
Clicks Received: 60
Desktop Clicks: 26
Mobile Clicks: 34
Optins: 17
Optin Percentage: 28.33%
Actual Cost Per Click: $0.35
Cost Per Subscriber: $1.24
Delivery: 120%
Top Tier:  88%
Hours to Deliver traffic: 3


I got 88% top tier traffic, it only took 3 hours and he overdelivered by 20% bringing my cost per click to just $0.35 per unique visitor. With conversion at 28% I got subscribers for $1.24 per subscriber.

Have you purchased a solo from Eddy Ng? Leave your comment below.

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